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About us

Training plus is an experienced professional partner in the field of teaching general and specialized English in Prague’s corporate community. We are active on the Czech market since 1996. We are flexible and always try to adapt to the needs of our clients. Our teaching programme is subject to continuous innovation and our students are getting constant attention. We offer complex services for all language levels in accordance with the European reference framework.

Our aim

Provision of professional language courses, which motivate staff to effectively develop their existing language skills, maximize progress and increase the potential of each student in terms of four basic language skills – listening, comprehension, writing and speaking.

How do we do it

Comprehensive client services include:

  • Language audit on entry including analysis of specific language needs of the students
  • Division into appropriate language groups
  • Defining of language targets and working out of teaching strategies
  • Implementing of teaching strategies under the guidance of experienced and qualified staff
  • Regular monitoring of quality of the teaching process
  • Mid-term and end-of -year assessments
  • Conclusion of programme by the end examination and certificate of attained language proficiency
  • Defining of possible future study plans